Thursday, March 29, 2012

Radish RULES!

Radish is whippetdom's most favorite root vegetable. (Now there is a sentence you won't read every day!) She belongs to a friend and lives in Virginia.

Prepare to be stunned, bedazzled, excited, confounded, awed, stupefied, astonished, electrified. And then, check this out:

Is that not the MOST amazing skill you have ever seen? Yes. It is! It's already got over 202,000 views!!!

Now, Rads has already got a gig on a Japanese TV show, and she's working on Letterman, Ellen (I just think she has GOT to get on Ellen!) and would she not be the PERFECT mascot for the Olympic Volley Ball teams?

You can read more about Radish HERE. And you can help her effort by sharing her video EVERYWHERE, and by going to her store, HERE. Because you know you want the coolest whippet root veggie ball bopping tee shirt ever, and I know it too!

hug your hounds, whatever their talents may be! (Mine excel at couch hogging.)