Saturday, April 7, 2012

Novel Excerpt 1 25 12 - Excessive Greeting Disnrder!

[In which Proper, Joe, Thelonious, and Raine return from a day at a dog show with Emily, and reunite with Hope, Zack, Driver, and Emerson.]

Proper blasted through the kitchendoor, followed by Joe in a mock race. Thelonious bounded in next, and even HerHighness allowed herself a bit of silliness, woo-wooing her hello to Emersonand doing some mini zoomies around the kitchen. The dogs in the house were atthe ready, having been alerted by the van crunching up the driveway. Zackhowled gleeful hellos, and Driver, always vocal, bellowed his deep, nonstop Labradorwoof, woof, woofs. Hope, the quiet one, wagged her tail against a cabinet door,adding a statico drumbeat. Seven sets of dog toenails played scritch-scratchratt-a-tatt on the tile floor as they scrambled around. There was glorious chaos.Celebratory canine jazz.

hug your hounds