Thursday, February 23, 2012

Morning to night

I'm visiting my good friends Marilyn and Paul in Surfside, South Carolina and it's heavenly here. 

The view from their balcony is amazing.  First thing this morning this woman was enjoying the sound of the waves while she walked her dog.

We went to the Prince Creek Diner for breakfast and then spent the day at Brookgreene Gardens - a wonderful combination of trees, flowers, sculptures, critters (a zoo) and birds, birds, birds.

mini white Narcissus

yellow narcissus

Carolina Wren

 Titmouse (lifer) and female Northern Cardinal.

Black-crowned Night Heron in the aviary.

Grey Fox

Northern Mockingbird singing in one of the sculpture gardens.

Diana the Huntress

We finished the day back at the condo with this sunset.