Friday, August 28, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I haven't been able to post for awhile as my boss has kept me much too busy at the Lunatic Asylum. Numerous things to mention.....some good, some not:

Good: Meeting up with 2 of my best friends (roomie & TD) from college (ahh - the eighties)
Bad: Old college roommate is already irritated with TD because he keeps calling her to suggest that she clean her house before we get there.
Ugly: I lived with her and am pretty sure that TD is justified in his suggestions. It's likely to be a hell hole.

Good: We held a radio auction yesterday and sold enough to meet budget/revenue goals.
Bad: I have to get all of these people to come in and pay for their items before I leave today at 1:.30 pm.
Ugly: It's 1:00 pm.

Good: The kennel finally called me back and agreed to keep Bridie the wonder dog.
Bad: Bridie hates to be kenneled and will completely freak out until I pick her up on Sunday.
Ugly: My front room looks like it has a carpet of fur because of her incessant shedding. I don't see that problem improving any time soon.

Good: The young one got through the second week of school without any problems.
Bad: He came home yesterday and asked to borrow a lighter.
Ugly: I will be searching his room for illegal fireworks, pipe bombs and crack pipes when I get home today.